February 28

Civic Influencer Haley Lickstein Champions Women Running for Local Office to Boost Youth Voter Engagement

Lickstein will release interviews with pro-choice female candidates from across the United States running for public office this Women's History Month to engage young voters.

In an innovative move to galvanize the Gen Z and millennial voting bloc—projected to be the largest in the 2024 elections—civic influencer Haley Lickstein is dedicating this Women's History Month to spotlighting progressive, pro-choice women candidates from across the United States. Amid concerns that youth voter turnout may decline due to a lack of enthusiasm for the presidential ticket, Lickstein's candidate interview campaign invigorates young voters by highlighting the stories and visions of women running for local offices to foster a deeper connection to their community ballots.

“I really believe sharing more about women running for office in people’s communities along with their passions and stories can help drive voter turnout. I want people to feel hopeful and connected to the people on their ballot running to represent them” Lickstein stated, underscoring her commitment to elevating the profiles of women candidates striving to make a difference.

Throughout March, Lickstein will feature interviews with 30 groundbreaking women, one for each day of the month, who are vying for a range of positions from U.S. Congress to city council and beyond.

To date, 22 candidates have been confirmed and scheduled, with efforts underway to finalize the roster of 30 total to run in the month of March.

Among the confirmed participants are trailblazers like Joanna Weiss for California's U.S. Congress seat, Rachel Hunt for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, and Julie Johnson, also for the U.S. Congress from Texas. The campaign will also spotlight Wendy Carrillo's bid for California City Council, Lateefah Simon for U.S. Congress, and many more women who represent "firsts" in their respective fields.

Lickstein, 27, has long been a fervent advocate for political engagement among young people. Drawing from her rich background in politics—including internships with the U.S. Senate, roles at EMILY’s list, the Democratic National Committee, and active participation in various campaigns—she leverages her social media platform to bridge the gap between civic engagement and participation. Her initiative this Women's History Month not only aims to educate and inspire but also to mobilize young voters to support candidates who reflect their values and aspirations for change.

This effort is more than just a campaign; it's a call to action for young voters to become intimately aware of and involved in the democratic process, starting at the local level.

By rallying behind women candidates who are pushing for progressive change, Lickstein hopes to ignite a spark that will lead to increased voter turnout and engagement in the 2024 elections and beyond.

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About Haley Lickstein

Haley Lickstein is a civic influencer and advocate for youth political engagement. With a deep-rooted passion for politics and a history of involvement in political campaigns and organizations, she aims to empower young people, especially women, to make their voices heard. Through her social media platforms and partnerships with national advocacy organizations, Lickstein works tirelessly to connect young voters with the issues and candidates that matter most.

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