September 21, 2023

Debut of Global Innovation Summit in Owensboro

Visit Owensboro is collaborating with key influencer, Brian Wallace to launch The Innovate Summit (Innovate) on the Owensboro waterfront scheduled for May 21-May 23, 2024.

Innovate is an action-packed conference that brings together industry experts providing thought provoking and game changing insights on innovation, leadership development, deep dives on the latest trends, and exclusive networking opportunities with many anticipated experts from around the nation.

From the Conference Leadership and Planning Committee:

According to Brian Wallace, Founder of NowSourcing and Innovate Organizer, “It’s time for Owensboro to shine on the world’s stage. Few cities have such a beautifully reimagined crown jewel of a safe, pristine, modern, and peaceful riverfront city center. Anyone from outside the area needs to see firsthand what innovation looks like in the physical realm.”

Margaret Bedilion, Lead Event Planner and Co-Founder of the event said, “You will grow as a professional, learn about the latest trends and challenges while exploring the opportunities that exist in our world.”

Mark Calitri, President, Visit Owensboro said, “Owensboro is the perfect location for this national caliber event. The attendees will find a world class riverfront scene with a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, pubs, and cool activities. The attendees will enjoy the fact that they can easily and safely navigate our city.”

Claude Bacon, President, Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation said, “Innovation is a significant force behind progress and development. It's one key to solving complex problems, improving existing processes, and creating new opportunities.”

Jamie Johnson, Center Director, Kentucky Small Business Development Center said, “This conference is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded individuals, including business leaders. It’s the first step towards nurturing exciting new ideas and businesses that can transform a community. For small business owners, it’s a valuable chance to expand their businesses, collaborate with others, and learn from industry experts.”

Contact: Margaret Bedilion, Lead Event Planner 513-532-7157

[email protected]

About The Innovate Summit:

The 2-day, 2-night conference will teach attendees how to make the most of their time at the event in an iconic setting and equip them with the tools to succeed in the new economy. Attendees can expect to grow as professionals with a wide range of programming including an exhibitor space, multiple tracks and stages of speakers and panels, along with a podcasting lounge. Panels and experts will discuss the latest trends, business ideas, and challenges that lie ahead along with the opportunities that exist in our world.

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