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Selecting Protective or Healing Gear For Sports Wellness is the Difference Between Playing And Sitting On The Bench.

Dr. Brace Announces Milestone of Multiple Patents Pending And Over 500,000 Knee Braces Sold Amid Growing Demand from Professionals and Athletes

Dr. Brace Announces Milestone of Multiple Patents Pending And Over 500,000 Knee Braces Sold Amid Growing Demand from Professionals and Athletes

[Houston, Texas and Tel Aviv, Israel] — [07/03/24] — As the warmer weather encourages more outdoor activities, the need for protective gear is at its peak. Dr. Brace, the global leader in orthopedic support, is proud to announce a significant milestone: over 500,000 of its innovative knee braces have been sold to and used by both medical professionals and professional athletes. Medical professionals and trainers advise that when selecting the right athletic gear, it is critical to look for specific types of stabilizers, comfort features, and patella protection.

From its inception, the company was driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to provide high-quality, affordable knee braces that were designed to alleviate pain and enhance mobility. Born out of personal frustration with the existing overpriced options, Dr. Brace has committed to making a difference in the lives of those suffering from knee issues. Their products, according to medical and training professionals, are quite literally the difference between being on the court vs. on the bench.

"Our vision has always been about more than just selling braces," said Daniel Weizel, Founder of Dr. Brace. "It's about empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential and enjoy the liberating joy of unrestricted movement. Reaching this sales milestone is not just a testament to our product's effectiveness but also to the impact we've had on our users' lives."

Dr. Brace has set itself apart through rigorous research and development, together with medical professionals and leading athletes, to ensure their braces offer quick pain relief, enhanced performance, and fast recovery. The braces, once designed, have been worn by a global team of medical doctors and professional athletes, ensuring they meet the highest standards of support and comfort.

The company’s patent pending products include elite knee braces with side stabilizers and a patella gel pad, designed for maximum support and comfort. This also helps users perform better while enhancing pain relief and recovery. The company also makes ankle braces and supports, elbow support, and a variety of other athletic and training gear, all designed with the goal of protecting and healing athletes so they can get back on the court faster.

Discover more of Dr. Brace’s innovative braces and take advantage of special offers by visiting the official website today: https://dr-brace.com/


Dr. Brace specializes in the design, production, and distribution of premium orthopedic braces designed to address a variety of knee issues. With a blend of clinical expertise, innovative design, and direct customer feedback, Dr. Brace continues to redefine what it means to offer supportive and accessible knee care solutions.

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