January 24

Share the Drop: Empowering Parents in the Face of Adversity with Innovative Solutions

Share the Drop founder, Kelly Cox, has defied the odds by transforming adversity into a groundbreaking platform that addresses a crucial gap in maternal and infant health.

January 2024 - In a world where innovation meets resilience, Share the Drop founder, Kelly Cox, has defied the odds by transforming adversity into a groundbreaking platform that addresses a crucial gap in maternal and infant health. Facing rejection from Apple, a breast cancer diagnosis, and navigating the challenges of building a unique platform, Cox remains undeterred in her mission to make a lasting impact.

Rejected multiple times by Apple for placement on their platform, Cox has decided to take matters into her own hands and has pivoted towards developing a Progressive Web App (PWA) that will soon be available for download directly from the Share the Drop website. This move not only showcases innovation but also allows Cox to save revenue that would have otherwise been paid to the tech giant. By reinvesting these funds, she is determined to further enhance and expand the Share the Drop platform.

Kelly Cox's journey, however, is marked by more than just technological challenges. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42 in 2017, she faced a life-altering revelation. Despite having a small tumor that was initially deemed non-threatening, genetic testing uncovered a BRCA2 mutation, significantly increasing her risk for multiple cancers. Undeterred, Cox sought a second opinion and reevaluated her approach to life and work.

"The adversity I faced personally and professionally fueled my determination to create something meaningful," says Kelly Cox, Founder and CEO of Share the Drop. "I refuse to let setbacks define my journey, and instead, I use them as catalysts for innovation."

The challenges she faced are mirrored in the struggles some parents encounter when seeking breast milk. Share the Drop is a pioneering platform that facilitates the matching of breast milk donors with recipients, addressing the critical need for a consistent supply. Recognizing the importance of breastfeeding, the platform aims to empower parents to provide optimal nutrition for their infants.

Share the Drop offers a unique and compassionate approach to breast milk sharing with a focus on:

  • Secure and Verified Network: Prioritizing safety and verification, Share the Drop connects caregivers securely, ensuring a trustworthy environment for all users.

  • Accessible Health Resource: Providing educational resources on breastfeeding, lactation, and infant nutrition, the platform equips mothers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

  • Supportive Community: Fostering a caring community, Share the Drop enables parents to connect, share experiences, and find emotional support. To make it easy for users to connect with their location, Share the Drop uses zip codes to ensure people can link with those in their communities, or wherever they might be at that moment.

The platform is particularly impactful for individuals facing challenges such as breast cancer survivors, those with low milk supply, medication contraindications, and same-sex couples.

Inspiration struck Cox when trying to source milk for a breast cancer survivor. A notification from a dating app prompted her to ponder – if we can connect with potential romantic partners so easily, shouldn't parents be able to connect as well? Thus, Share the Drop was born.

As Kelly Cox aptly puts it, "Our journey is about turning challenges into opportunities and building a community that understands the true meaning of support."

For more information, visit Share the Drop - www.sharethedrop.com

For media inquiries or to learn more, please contact Kelly at [email protected]

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